April 2021 update

Although the recent changes mean that we have been able to resume our cycling and running sessions, the rules around adult indoor sport are more complex, so we are still a few weeks off the return of swim training.  We are aiming to return to Churchers on 18th May until the end of June. for a short blast of technique work to get our swim year off to a good start!  the format is likely to be similar to that described below. More details to follow!

Return to swimming 2020

Some things have not changed.  All sessions are covered by a qualified lifeguard, and you will still have a fun and enjoyable session!  But we have taken some measures to ensure your safety that mean we will be organising things a little differently when you arrive.  Full guidance is available here, but a few key points to help you prepare.

* you must be a paid up member of the club to attend.  If you are a new member swimming with us for the first time, then drop us a message first.

* You must complete the 'return to play questionnaire and return to us before the session.  This only needs to be completed once.

* You will need to bring a pre session questionnaire to each session, which can be emailed by 5pm that day if you do not have a printer.

  * the session will start at 7.15pm, please arrive in plenty of time and Swim ready as there is no access to the changing rooms.  

* Lanes will be limited to a maximum of 5 people, and you will generally be in the lane you swam in last season, unless a coach moves you.  If your lane is full and you cannot slot into another lane you will get priority the next week.

  * Your coaches will organise you into lanes, direct you into the pool in order and let you know which end of the pool your lane will enter from.  

* You will need your own pull buoy and fins, and all equipment should be labelled.

* Your coaches will organise you into lanes, direct you into the pool in order and let you know which end of the pool your lane will enter from.

* Please move round the pool in a clockwise direction, and maintain social distancing at all times in and out of the water.

* We will email out the sessions in advance to help minimise the time needed to read instructions and your lane ambassador will help direct the lane to ensure minimal time stopped at the ends.

Please read the attached notes for full guidance, but the above gives you a flavour of the major changes 

Novice swimmers are welcome, but you will need to be able to swim 100m front crawl without stopping to attend the sessions. Each week the focus will vary,  involving technique, endurance, threshold (Critical Swim Speed) and even open water skills. We follow the Swim Smooth technique (affiliated with BTF), and you must be over 16 years of age to attend the coached session.


For details of the Swim coaches week by week, please see the table below:


By following a few simple rules the chances of accidents are reduced. To enable a swim session to proceed smoothly swimmers should be aware of the following

• Note which way round your lane is to swim, i.e. clockwise or anticlockwise. You should not be going in the opposite direction to the swimmers on the other side of the rope in the next lane. The lanes are organised alternatively in terms of direction of swim. At Churchers, lanes 1, 3 and 5 are clockwise and 2, 4 and 6 are anti-clockwise.

• You should swim in a lane with people roughly the same speed as you. If they are going too fast or too slow move down or up a lane accordingly. Don’t put yourself at the front of the lane if there are other faster swimmers who can maintain the required pace more consistently than you.

• If someone taps your toes on whilst swimming, wait at the end of lane for them to overtake.

• At the end of the pool stand at the sides of the lane, out of the way of incoming swimmers.

• Don't swim on another swimmer's feet. Set off with at least 5 seconds gap between you.