MEMBERSHIP - Who's welcome? 

We cater from the complete novice to the competent amateur. Our sessions are sociable and encourage participation of all abilities. We are fortunate to have a great mix of people involved in the club, so there's a real supportive and friendly atmosphere. In short, there's something for everyone. 

Please fill in the online form below, then pay by bank transfer listing your Surname to the bank details below) (or pay by cheque or cash). 

Bank Transfer Details:

HSBC, Petersfield branch

Sort code: 40-36-16

Account number: 61506897

Account name: Petersfield Triathlon Club

ICE bands - in case of emergency  

The form below will contain some information about your own ICE bands (in case of emergency).

The club committee has decided that as part of your membership fee, we will order for you an ICE band – an In Case of Emergency band providing emergency identification for athletes and families, showing your name, contact details for your nearest and dearest in case of accident, and any pertinent medical conditions. They will also have Petersfield Triathlon Club embossed on them.

Part of the reason for this is that session coaches, ride leaders etc need to be confident that they can contact the right people if anything were to happen to you at one of our sessions. The bands also help to ensure prompt and effective medical treatment. In future it will be mandatory to wear an ICE band on all club rides, at club run sessions, and to bring them along to swimming sessions.

Please bear in mind that this is of course for your and your families’ benefit, but also for the peace of mind of the coaches who give their time and energy so generously to our fabulous club.

An ICE band will be ordered for each member. This is a ‘once only’ deal, so new members will get one upon joining - and existing members get one now (but don’t get a new one each year). Please complete all the necessary information regarding the ICE Band in the form below.

PTC Membership Form 2016
  • Date of Birth (you must over 18 to join the adult section of the club):
  • ICE Band Colour - Which colour would you like?:
  • ICE Band Size - What size would you like?:

For an annual fee of £30, you can take part in our structured training programme, benefit from the motivational guidance of our coaches, and the support of your fellow club members, in reaching your training goals, whatever they may be. Be part of our team in competing at regional events. Membership renewal is on February 1st.

You can download the application form here and send your completed form and cheque payable to ‘Petersfield Triathlon Club’ for the membership fee to (or bring it along to a training session): Membership, Petersfield Triathlon Club141 Rival Moor Road, Petersfield Hampshire GU31 4HX

Fitness level and experience: Enthusiasm and commitment matter more than ability, and our training aims to be as inclusive as possible, whether you are a seasoned triathlete or a complete novice. 

To get the most out of being a member, you should be exercising enough to already have a basic level of physical fitness. What this means depends on your age and sex, of course, but as a very rough guide, you should be able to swim at least 100m front crawl without stopping, run for 10mins and cycle for 20mins.